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We welcome you with our best salads and mixed dishes, in an new and shining location on the beach of Nei Pori. Barbeque is born from desire to serve fresh food and in a manner of fast serving, without cutting the food quality. Our salads are made from fresh organic vegetables, from local and traditional stores in Nei Pori.


The meat used in dishes comes from reliable sources, that result to be a completely healthy and tasty. We assure you that we make every effort that the food that we serve be to everyone’s taste, smooth and delicious like a beautiful summer day. Because we understand perfectly the need for a healthy diet will offer a wide range of salads, meat and suitable for vegan diets. We complete our menu with delicious fruit juices and vegetable juices to help you be in shape.

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Barbeque plate

Dishes at Barbeque fast food in Nei Pori

Enjoy our traditional greek recipes and salads prepared from fresh vegetables.

The Barbeque terrace

A shaded area during the day, a magical area at night.

Barbeque terrace Nei Pori

Magical sunset colors match perfectly with the atmosphere of the BBQ terrace where you can dine outdoors, right next to the cliff, where you can admire the sea. During day time lunch is served on the terrace Barbeque peacefully, where trees create shade needed to stay comfortable.